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Living with an indwelling urinary catheter during COVID-19

One can get used to wearing a catheter, there is a routine and certain expectations as to your quality of life.  It need not be a huge obstacle to living a normal life, a little thought and care is all that is required.


This Article provides some insight into Urinary Tract Infections, and the debate as to whether Cranberry Juice helps with UTI’s!

What are urinary catheters made of?

You may not have been aware, but catheters can come in a variety if different materials, some preferred by patients over others. We discuss the options in this article.

How your catheter passport can help you

The purpose of your catheter passport is to list the individuals involved in the care of your catheter. Follow the guidelines in your catheter passport to improve self-care and reduce your risk of urinary tract infections. In 2012, the NHS […]

Warning signs of incontinence

Identify the signs of urinary incontinence early and get it under control. The Gothenburg Continence Research Center (GCRC) in Sweden said in a 2018 report that if urinary incontinence were a country, it would be the third largest in the […]

Swimming with an indwelling or suprapubic catheter

Having a urinary catheter shouldn’t stop you from taking part in your everyday activities, including swimming. Swimming can be easily incorporated into a regular exercise routine, provided that you take special care with your catheter before, during, and after a […]

The stigma of living with urinary incontinence

The NHS estimates that between 3 to 6 million people in the UK live with some degree of urinary incontinence. Among the millions of people living with urinary incontinence, it is said that women are five times more likely to […]

Why do I get bladder infections, and what can I do about them?

A bladder infection is the most common type of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Bladder infections are one of the most common bacterial infections to affect humans and tend to be much more common in women than in men. According to […]

UroShield from a patient’s perspective

“Since using UroShield I haven’t had one UTI” – a female patient in Surrey. People who struggle with passing urine have been able to benefit from the insertion of a urinary catheter – a flexible hollow tube which is passed […]

Top 10 tips to help catheter users improve their mobility

A catheter user can still lead an active lifestyle with proper planning and knowledge. If you are a patient who requires an indwelling or a suprapubic catheter to help with passing urine – regardless of whether you have had a […]

Going on holiday with a catheter

Having a catheter shouldn’t affect your everyday activities, including going on holiday. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence reckons that if a person uses a urinary catheter for more than four weeks, then the person is considered a […]

Best diet advice for patients struggling with an overactive bladder

Overactive bladder (OAB) is very common in older adults, and both men and women can have it, though it’s more prevalent in women. An overactive bladder (OAB) happens when a person suddenly gets the urge or desire to pass urine. […]

Men’s Health Week: Taking care of your bladder

Every June, Men’s Health Week not only highlights and dissipates the taboos surrounding men’s health but it also encourages conversation and action. The conversation of health relates to men of all ages. In fact, as men get older, there are […]

Can smoking contribute to urinary incontinence?

While not as popular as it once was in the UK, thanks to efforts such as World No-Tobacco Day (31 May), smoking continues to be a habit that over 15% of people in the UK still enjoy Most people are […]

How to insert a catheter into male patients

There are medical conditions that call for the use of a urinary catheter to drain urine from one’s bladder. Living with a condition like urinary incontinence, urinary retention and enlarged prostate are among the most common reasons why a male […]

UroShield is backed by science and data

Introducing a game-changing product to market takes a mammoth amount of work, time and money, more so if you’re launching an innovative medical device that can potentially introduce huge cost savings by preventing a common infection. To be taken seriously, […]

How UroShield can help patients who have an obstruction in the urinary tract

The urinary system, aka the renal system, is a series of organs that consists the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra which works together to remove urine from the body. A urinary obstruction occurs when a blockage inhibits the flow of […]

Happy Easter

Here at Ideal-UroShield, we wish you a very happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We hope that you enjoy the four-day bank holiday weekend. As Easter is the hallmark event of spring, let us all embrace the concept of ‘new […]

How UroShield can help patients with a pelvis injury

The pelvic bone is a basin-shaped ring of bones connecting our torso to our legs. Its primary functions are to bear the weight of the upper body when sitting and standing, pivoting the weight between the upper body and legs […]

How UroShield can help patients who are unconscious

Unconsciousness occurs when a person is unresponsive to the outside environment, such as voices or shaking. The condition can be temporary, such as when someone faints, or more prolonged, like in surgical anaesthesia or a coma. An unconscious person is […]

How UroShield can help the elderly

Urinary incontinence has many possible causes and it can afflict people of any age. However, many of these factors correspond with old age, which is why the elderly are more prone to bladder control problems. Some of the conditions that […]

How UroShield can help patients with spinal injury

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves and tissues about the thickness of a finger, contained in a fluid-filled canal inside the backbone. It allows the brain to send instructions to the body, and also to receive signals from […]

How UroShield can help car crash victims

An automobile accident happens when a collision takes place between two cars, a car and a pedestrian, or a stationary object or any other vehicle. The outcome can be devastating to the victims due to a car’s hard metal exterior […]

How UroShield can help patients with a bladder injury

The bladder is an elastic, balloon-like organ that stores and expels urine from the human body. As the bladder fills up with urine from the kidneys, it sends out a sensation of fullness to the brain, which tells us that […]

Overcoming the learning curves that come with a catheter

Sometimes, one has medical conditions that make it necessary to use a catheter for long-term bladder management. While catheters may be uncomfortable and inconvenient at first, they can be very liberating once you get accustomed to them. It is also […]

How UroShield can help bed-ridden patients with paralysis

Paralysis is a loss of muscle function in part of the body due to a breakdown of communication between the brain and the nerves that control the muscle. Some major causes of paralysis are stroke, spinal cord injury and multiple […]

How UroShield can help patients with urinary incontinence

What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is a condition where a person is unable to control his or her bladder, resulting in leaky or involuntary urination. While not a disease in itself, incontinence can be a symptom of an underlying […]

Which catheter should I choose?

If a person experiences bladder dysfunction, it can severely affect one’s independence, self-esteem and confidence, and in worse cases, suffer skin damage, urosepsis (infection of the blood) and poor kidney health. Fortunately, bladder dysfunction can be managed through the use of […]

Everything you need to know about catheters

A catheter is a thin tubular device that is inserted into the body to perform some medical function. Made from a range of pliable medical grade materials like silicone, rubber, nylon, polyurethane and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), catheters are inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel to […]

Biofilms: an in-depth look

Biofilms are one of the leading causes of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs), but many people don’t understand what biofilms are and how they work. At UroShield, our ultrasound technology is developed based on how biofilms work, allowing us to […]

How to deal with CAUTIs

For those who have difficulty urinating naturally, your doctor is likely to insert a catheter which helps to carry urine into a drainage bag. Living with a urinary catheter is quite common nowadays and although most long-term catheter users continue […]

Happy New Year

Just like any other year, 2019 will see growth but also uncertainty, but we are prepared to press on, undaunted by any challenges, and we hope you will too. Let us all usher in 2019 with confidence and strength, while […]

How to prevent urinary tract infections

Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) are one of the most common types of complications in those with indwelling catheters. Also, tackling CAUTIs is difficult as they can be caused by any number of different bacteria, meaning that the cause must […]

Top ten tips for living with a catheter

Using a catheter comes with a learning curve. Initially, using a catheter can be tricky and it will take some time to get used to, but eventually, you’ll learn how to manage and live with one. However, certain tricks can […]

The facts about drainage bags

A common concern with catheter usage is the impact that it will have on your daily life. Simply going through your day as you used to before needing a catheter is the goal for many, but a catheter may hinder […]

Does Cranberry juice stop UTIs?

The medical community is not short of old wives’ tales. From ‘an apple a day’ to ‘carrots improving eyesight’, there are plenty of unfounded claims relating to your health. The most recent one seems to be backed up with more […]

Living with a catheter

For some people, finding out that they have to live with a catheter can be upsetting. For others, they’re just glad their retention or incontinence problems have been solved. While initial reactions vary, the majority of patients and their loved […]

The hidden dangers of CAUTIs

CAUTIs are extremely common in hospitals. The risk of bacteria developing on an indwelling catheter sits at 5% per day, meaning it takes one month for an infection to be statistically guaranteed. Many are annoying rather than harmful and if […]

How does UroShield work?

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) are one of the most common types of infection contracted in hospitals and unlike normal UTIs, they can be much harder to diagnose and treat. As CAUTI can pose a risk of causing severe kidney […]

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