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Patients FAQ

Answers to some of the common questions we are asked

Are there any side effects or contraindications?

No, UroShield is simply ultrasound, which has a very high safety profile. If you can have ultrasound, you can have UroShield

Is the device fully licenced and/or CE marked?

Yes to both

Can it be used with any catheter?

Yes it is equally effective on urethral and suprapubic, it can be used with any make, material, length or shape of catheter.

How long does it have to stay on for?

It needs to stay on all the time, except when bathing or showering

How long until I see results?

Results should be seen within 2 weeks but we recommend reviewing after 30 days

Is it discrete?

Yes, it is very easy to use and the battery pack and clip are very small, with a long wire to allow the battery pack to be stored wherever desired e.g. in your pocket

Will I be able to feel it?

No, the vibrations are so low-frequency, nothing will be felt so long as the clip is placed 4-6cm from entry point

Does it pull on the catheter?

No the clip is very light

Can it get wet?

The clip can but the battery pack cannot, simply detach the battery pack leaving the clip attached to the catheter; this is completely safe

How do you clean the device?

Simply with an alcohol or antiseptic wipe

Is it safe to wear the device while charging it?

Yes, the plug contains a transformer to convert the voltage into a low, safe voltage for you

Does it have to be attached to a new catheter?

The best results are seen when attached on a natural catheter change, we wouldn’t advise attaching to a catheter more than 3 days old

Can it be used if I have a current infection?

Yes and it will help the antibiotics to work better, by allowing antibiotics better access to kill the bacteria

How can I start using UroShield?
  • First consult your GP to ensure they are happy for you to start using the device
  • Check with your hospital consultant or district nurse if it available through the organisation in your region
  • You can purchase from our shop at any time, all devices come with a full instruction manual

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