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Patient Stories

UroShield has changed my life

I’ve used UroShield for a year and a half now and it has absolutely changed my life. I’m not having the fortnightly infections, I have energy again, I’m able to get out and about the house in my chair and […]

First month without catheter change in 7 years

UroShield has been a huge success; I’ve been able to go the best part of a month without requiring a change of catheter, and this has been the first time in 7 years. Additionally my catheter-related pain score had gone […]

Infection-free for the first time in 4 years

I’ve had a positive experience with UroShield so far, by week 6 my catheter-related pain score has decreased from 3 to 0 and I haven’t had pain since. Also I remain dry and no longer wear pads, which is the […]

Since using UroShield I haven’t had one UTI

I started using UroShield 6 months ago, previous to this I was constantly getting UTIs and was on antibiotics on a monthly basis. It made a massive impact on my health and capacity, as having MS it really effects my […]

No more premature or emergency catheter changes, it’s only changed when it’s supposed to be

UroShield is life-changing, and has changed my outlook on life. I was depressed with catheter blockages happening every day. Now I'm free to go out in my wheelchair without the worry of by-passing. I would be absolutely devastated If UroShield [...]

No more UTIs, blockages, prophylactic antibiotics or ambulance trips to A&E

I do so appreciate having had the opportunity to trial the UroShield system over the last four months. As you know I have MS and have had a supra-pubic catheter in place for many years now and this non-intrusive and […]

Tetraplegic benefiting from UroShield

I'm tetraplegic as a result of spinal cord damage and have a suprapubic catheter. For years I've been plagued with regular bladder infections every six weeks to two months, particularly E. coli., although these became much less frequent after I [...]

Allowing me to go longer between catheter changes

I was experiencing quite a few issues with my Supra-Pubic Catheter. I had reached the stage where despite using washouts quite regularly I was sometimes blocking every week.

Uroshield massively improves quality of life for elderly patient

Dad has a permanent catheter fitted and has had for some years now. This has always been problematic in as much as Dad suffers from regular UTIs and blockages.

Giving back the confidence to go out

It’s had a huge impact on my day to day life, giving me more confidence in my catheter allowing me to enjoy days out and even go on holidays.

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