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How Does UroShield Work

The UroShield is a small, external device which clips onto the end of catheters and produces low-frequency ultrasound waves.

These waves run along the full length of the catheter and give gentle vibrations which cannot be felt by the catheter user. Usually with a catheter, bacteria gather in a large group on the catheter and are surrounded by a thick protective coating, which is known as a biofilm. Usually the biofilm is extremely hard to penetrate, so the body’s natural immune system and infection defence systems struggle to kill the bacteria, therefore infections and/ or blockages form.

These sound waves and ‘vibrations’ from the UroShield help to prevent bacteria from sticking to and building up on the catheter, therefore preventing encrustations, infections and blockages. Antibiotics also struggle to access the bacteria within the biofilm which are causing the infection; because UroShield breaks up the biofilm, antibiotics and the immune system now have access to kill the bacteria and so if necessary, a shorter course and lower dose of antibiotics can be administered. UroShield can also offer some people relief from catheter-related pain and bladder spasms.

UroShield is effective with all catheter types, makes, size, length or material and it also doesn’t matter whether your catheter is suprapubic or urethral. It does not seem to impact the UroShield efficacy if the catheter is flip-flow or free drainage, to allow administration with all types of catheters.

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