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How Does UroShield Work

The UroShield is a small, external medical device which clips onto both urethral and suprapubic catheters and generates low-frequency ultrasonic Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW).

These waves run longitudinally along the full length of the catheter, both on the external surface and inside the catheter lumen. The action of the wave to constantly but subtly vibrate the catheter, which isn’t felt by the patient, prevents bacteria from docking and adhering to the catheter and reaching the reversible adherence stage.

This therefore prevents the biofilm formation and in turn helps to prevent infections from developing, as well as reducing catheter blockages and incrustation.

If a biofilm forms or is already present, UroShield disrupts the normally impenetrable extracellular matrix and breaks it up to allow antibiotic access to the bacteria inside the biofilm; this increasing antibiotic efficacy, and allowing a lower dosage or shorter course if antibiotics are required. Also by preventing biofilm formation the bacteria stay ‘free floating’ to allow the immune system to better target and kill bacteria preventing the infection from developing at all in the first place. UroShield has also been reported by some of our patients to offer them relief from catheter-related pain, discomfort and bladder spasms.
In this way UroShield not only aids antibiotics and works synergistically with them, but prevents infections in the first instance, to avoid the need of antibiotic prophylaxis in accordance with standard of care.

UroShield has been effective with all catheter types, makes, sizes, lengths or material, and there is no discrepancy in results depending on whether the catheter is suprapubic or urethral, flip-flow or free drainage. Therefore UroShield can be administered to all catheters.


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