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Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

  • The most compelling evidence is the interim results from the latest Randomised Controlled Trial in America.

  • 10 patients were monitored after release from A&E with a urinary catheter, the average age was 63.5 (high – 82, low – 27)

  • Foley catheters with UroShield maintained urine sterility for up to 9 days compared to 2 days in control catheterized animals.

  • Not only have SAW been shown to reduce CAUTI development and increase antibiotic efficacy, but there has now been the first report of SAW affecting cell signalling via integrins.

  • In double-blinded randomized control trial, of Uroshield, 55 patients in a skilled nursing facility chain who were being treated with long-term indwelling catheters were evaluated. There was a significant difference between the treated group and the placebo group in the number of CFU, as well as on the number of treated UTIs.

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