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Rabbit model

Rabbit model

Rabbit model

Foley catheters with UroShield maintained urine sterility for up to 9 days compared to 2 days in control catheterized animals.

The treatment group received low-level ultrasound while the control group had no ultrasound, and the groups were analysed in terms of UTI development, bacteriuria and biofilm formation. The bacterial load was analysed with scanning electron microscopy, displaying a reduction in the development of biofilm on the catheters.

After 9 days, the control catheters presented as heavily colonised with biofilm, extremely pathological with a high rate of infected urine and UTIs. To contrast, the treatment group showed infection-free urine, normal urinary tracts, no tissue damage and catheters almost free from bacteria. With the treatment group maintaining urine sterility for a period of 7 days compared to the control developing bacteriuria in 1.5 days.

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